Green Port Energy Park, Collinsville, CA
Price: $59,000,000
Zoning: WI
Lot size: 1,309 Acres
APN 0090-180-250, 0090-180-280, 0090-100-380 & 400, 0090-220-200, 310, 320,

THIS is a DISTRESS SALE. The owner has been forced to place the property on the market. He will be consolidating his holdings elsewhere. He has a Vacant Land Appraisal for the property in excess of $487,000,000.00. This property is now offered at less than 20% of the appraised value.

This site is the largest Industrial Water Dependent Port Facility site on the U.S. West Coast. The GEP site enjoys 3.5 miles of waterfront on the San Francisco Bay deep sea channel system connecting shipping lines into central California’s Sacramento and Stockton deep sea ports as well as providing shipping and barging access to the greater San Francisco Bay region and the Pacific Ocean international shipping.

The intention of the owner developer was to Initially develop its barge port facility which will enable GEP to receive and ship via barges materials throughout the S.F. Bay and Delta regions. The barge system will enable GEP to act as a storage and distribution center for numerous commodities. GEP’s highly efficient barge transporting system will assist in relieving the trucking/traffic congestion plaguing the S.F. Bay region while also dramatically reducing the truck emission of greenhouse and noxious gases.

The GEP barge system will assist numerous businesses in conforming to California’s Bill AB32- which requires businesses to substantially reduce noxious and greenhouse gas emission levels. The GEP site is located in one of California’s five renewable energy zones. As such, the (undeveloped) site enjoys immediate access to the PG&E electricity grid and gas pipeline.

Green waste material shall be barged to GEP for processing into biofuels, natural gas, and the generation of electricity. GEP’s immediate access to the grid, gas pipeline, and barging system will enable GEP to provide clean renewable energy to the greater San Francisco Bay region while also mitigating air pollution.

GEP intends to study and develop technologies that will almost eliminate the necessity of landfills. Currently landfills are a major source of air, land, and water pollution. Landfills proximal to urban areas are becoming ‘filled’ and closing. Municipal waste haulers are faced with excessive trucking distances. Future landfill sites are remote and scarce.

In addition to extensive recycling, composting, and bio-digestion, there are emerging technologies that show promise in resolving the worldwide waste disposal problem. These technologies deserve funding and promotion. One such technology is the plasma/gasification of municipal solid waste. Plasma/gasification converts waste to synthetic gas which can be utilized for numerous purposes. The process creates numerous valuable bi-products. Residue is reduced to 1-2%. Plasma technology is also being investigated as a method to desalinate and purify water.

GEP’s location in California’s agricultural center (Central Valley) makes GEP ideally suited to service the Central Valley’s agricultural needs. Transporting of agricultural product via barge minimizes transporting cost. GEP intends to act as a distribution center for supplying agricultural products- organic and ecological fertilizers and soil products- to the valley’s agricultural community.

Organic and ecological products will assist in mitigating agricultural contamination of groundwater, surface water, land, and air while improving the nutritional value of produce. The Greenport Energy Park development concept is for GEP to become a world class exhibit and model for the worldwide development of Green Industrial Parks.


Location of the Project.


Aerial view of the site western portion of the site.


Aerial view of the site central portion of the site.


Aerial view of the site eastern portion of the site.


The property as seen from the Deep Water Channel.


A wide view of the low elevation waterfront port location.


Another wide view of the low elevation waterfront port location.


The rounded point at the heart of the site.


The parcel map shows the deep roughly recangular lot.

Date Modified: 10/01/15