The Grounds

Property Summary: 8478 Wild Rose Lane, Dixon, CA

There are 13.87 acres here at the end of a private drive. All of the property has been fenced and cross fenced. Ranch style home

As you approach the home, you will enter through a gated entry. This brings you first to the business end of the property, the Slaughter House and its related barns, corrals, holding pens, storage shed, etc. Slaughter House


The slaughter business is grand-fathered in, and is licensed with the County of Solano and Health Department. All equipment, fixtures and a built-in clientele are included in the sale. The slaughterhouse has a walk-in cooler, scalding tub, de-hairer, meat saw, holding pens and chutes, stainless steel cutting table, transfer hooks and racks and tools, as well as an office/kitchen and bathroom. It is conveniently located at the front entry to the property, somewhat away from the homes, in a graveled compound that includes parking, the houses, yard and other out buildings. Holding pens are located next to the slaughterhouse facility, which is set up for cattle, pigs, goats and sheep. Some livestock may be included in the sale under separate bill of sale.

Ranch style home

About 13 acres are fenced and cross fenced, irrigated, and planted in oats. There are also spectuacular views of acres on acres of pasture land as these few smaller parcers on Wild Rose Lane are surrounded by 20, 40 and 160 acre minimum parcels. Privacy and serenity are yours!

North east


And there are even a couple of kennels to house your guardian livestock dogs and working dogs when they are on vacation.

living Room

This is all situated on 13.87 Acres and includes the Slaughter business which is grandfather in, and is licensed with the County of Solano and Health Department.

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