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More About Us

More About Us


Welcome to our roost.

We live in the Sacramento Valley of Northern California on about 10 acres. Ed and I have a lot of hobbies, and find a way to use up most of the ground one way or another.

We recently planted most of the land in Almond trees, which are now 3 years old. We have just harvested our first crop, and were pleasantly surprised by the number of nuts that the trees produced this year. Here you can see our first crop of almonds from baby trees.

We also raise Giant Runt Pigeons. These are large birds, often weighing over 3 pounds. They are raised for squab, which can dress out between 14 and 22 ounces. You can see them by going to our Pigeon Page.

Ed has owned this place since 1985, but I am a relative newcomer. He used to have sheep in the pasture, but they got to be too much work for him. I am a beginner spinner, and wish we could have them back, but I do not see that happening soon. That does not mean that we are without plenty of living projects around here!

More about us


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